1. What's Love

From the recording Last Night In Roseburg

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"What's Love" just came to me. It spilled out and onto paper effortlessly. I really like how positively empowering it is. It's like saying I'll decide how I will love.


"What's Love"
Words & Music by Lisa Sanders

If I say it's all for the best
Then it makes it alright at the end of the night
To know my sky's the limit, nothing in the
way so what is love looove ove ove ove
Everyday, I'm in alphabet heaven
Don't know whose name to pull out of my book
I take charge and deliver, nothing left to say so what is love... Lovvve ove ove ove
And you ask me, why I'm such a monster
How could I tear you apart
Every day, I'm asking your permission
How can I win your heart... Love
Lovvve ove ove ove ove
If you say it's all for the best, cause it makes it alright at the end of the night